Monday, August 30, 2010

You Don't Always Have To Play By The Rules

Who was this person that decided that we must all play by the rules? And whose rules are they? When it comes to our personalities, we are not all shaped from a cookie cutter and neither should our designs.

I was reading an article entitled "Decorating Rules to Break" and found myself shaking my head yes the whole time. I was inspired to share with you some rules that I love to break and a few rules to break from the article that I stand by.

This photo helps me explain my rules to break 1 and 2:
1. You can't mix gold and silver finishes. FALSE FALSE FALSE!!!
This is my first rule breaker. I love mixing golds and silvers. They can both act as neutral tones. Executed properly, the combination looks flawless. Shown above, antique gold frame + silver lamp with gold shade + antique silver table = fantastic!

2. My second rule to break - lamp shades don't always have to be white or cream! Look at the perfect statement that the gold shade makes above.

3. A traditional room always calls for traditional art - not so! I'm a huge fan of contemporary art and think that it can work harmoniously in even the most traditional room, just like this one...

Some highlights from the article:
1. Yes you can mix woods in a room! Why not?

2. Of course wallpaper can go in a small space. Make a statement!

3. You are allowed to update vintage or antique pieces to give them a new life!

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