Tuesday, August 24, 2010

$$$The Multi Multi Multi Million Dollar House Club$$$

One of my favorite things to do is check out what is going on in real estate. This surely stems from those special Tuesdays as a child where I got to join my father on caravan and tour all the local homes for sale. There is something so curious to me about the way people live and what is important to them in their homes.

So today as I searched through the listings online, I stumbled upon the priciest for sale list. Do you require an indoor lap pool, bowling alley, wrapping room, 20 bedrooms? Then the house for you is probably on this list. Check out some photos below for homes that even Robin Leach would say are over the top.

Oh the Spelling house.... Yes, it's the home that Tori grew up in. It's on the market for a cool $150 million!
A bargain compared to the house above, this $125 million estate boasts 35,000 square feet!
A seven story in New York for only $75 million!
$100 million and 210 acres in Lake Tahoe for the Cofounder of Tommy Hilfiger!

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